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Creating a Will

Creating a Will

Creating a Will

Why Creating a Will is Important

Creating a will involves important and vital preparations. Over one-half of Americans do not have a will. The primary reason for this shocking statistic is that people dread thinking about death. However, tomorrow is not guaranteed for anyone. An individual who has not prepared a will leaves their family in quite a bind upon their departure. The lack of a will or estate planning creates highly complex and expensive problems for a decedent’s loved ones.

It is prudent to orchestrate a comprehensive plan for your assets for a variety of reasons. A will ensures your intentions are carried out and communicated to your family members after your passing. Your family should be granted the freedom to cope with their loss without having to worry about whether your assets will be divided in a fair manner.

Creating a Will That Is Foolproof

Hop on the web for insight about wills and you’ll find all sorts of misinformation. Wills are complex legal documents that require the attention of a savvy legal practitioner. It’s not advisable to wait until your golden years to prepare a will. It is prudent to create this important legal document earlier in life and then update it along the way. Please consider having us help you craft the subtleties of your will. This will give you the peace of mind knowing you have a foolproof plan in place to take care of your family.

Once your will is created, it must be modified as life events change. Perhaps you inherit some money or a beneficiary listed in your will passes away. Or, maybe your preferences change as time progresses. The Law Offices of Carol Bertsch, PC will implement these alterations in a timely and thorough manner.

It is imperative that you discuss your will with a professional and provide them with detailed instructions. Nowadays, a testator is required to prepare a list of assets, as well as online accounts and traditional accounts. Texas has highly detailed laws that are particularly friendly to those who have a will with clear language and intentions.

Professional Help When Creating a Will

If you haven’t prepared a will yet, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with us. We can help answer questions and potentially educate you on many critical concerns that would help you make an informed decisions on how to best prepare you will. Please also consider your family and how a well-prepared will can help ease the stress they will be dealing with upon your departure.

Please call the Law Offices of Carol Bertsch, PCat (210) 892-4555 to learn more about how to prepare a will that executes your intentions as you desire them.

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