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San Antonio Special Needs Trust Attorney

Carol Bertsch’s trust services can help ensure that your infirm or incapacitated loved one is cared for as you wish. Carol is well known as a San Antonio special needs trust attorney who contributes a knowledgeable and caring approach to trust arrangements. She sees her role as supporting peace of mind for both you and your beneficiary.

Self-Funded Special Needs Trust

There are important considerations to discuss with her law firm before establishing a special needs trust in Texas. One important area of concern to discuss with Carol starts with who is providing funds for the special needs trust. If the funds belong to the beneficiary, a self-funded trust may be the best option. She will explain how the establishment of a self-funded special needs trust can permit a legally disabled family member to still qualify for important state benefits. There are restrictions that need to be explained. A self-funded trust is irrevocable and allows for only one named beneficiary who must be under the age of 65, and of course, must be legally disabled. The beneficiary does not have access to the trust funds, and upon the beneficiary’s death, any remaining funds may be claimed by the state of Texas as repayment for medical assistance provided by the state during the beneficiary’s lifetime.

Third-Party Special Needs Trust

If the funds in a trust belong to someone other than the beneficiary, Carol will discuss your options for a third-party special needs trust. Parents, grandparents, or siblings {trust grantors} often choose to establish a third-party special needs trust in order to provide for their special needs family member.

A third-party-funded trust is also irrevocable, but there is no age requirement and funds can be placed into the trust at any time. A third-party special needs trust does not permit the state to claim any funds after the beneficiary’s death for repayment of medical services. A third-party trust grantor determines how proceeds of the trust will be disbursed after a beneficiary’s death. Often, residual trust funds are disbursed to other children or relatives. Carol will explain these options based on your wishes and your specific circumstances.

Protecting Medicaid, SSI, SSDI, and Other Valuable Benefits

Many adults and children who qualify for a special needs trust receive valuable benefits through SSI, SSDI, Medicaid, etc. SSI {Supplemental Security Income} benefits are tied to income, while SSDI {Social Security Disability Insurance} benefits are not. Carol will explain ways that may be available to protect these and other benefits like DAHS {Day Activity and Health Services}, CLASS {Community Living Assistance & Support Services}, etc. If a special needs trust beneficiary receives an inheritance or is awarded cash from a court proceeding, there may be ways to transfer those cash proceeds into the trust without losing SSI/Medicaid benefits.

Speak to Carol today at her law offices, and take time to structure the best special needs trust based on your specific circumstances. She will listen to what your wishes and priorities are, and discuss how to protect those wishes through a special needs trust. There are many San Antonio special needs trust attorneys, there is only one Carol Bertsch law firm.


“-Love you guys! -Trustworthy, logical and caring!”

RG and LG

Due to our inexperience with such matters, your advice and the help from your staff was greatly appreciated – thank you all.

Mark D.

Great help to me! Concise, knowledgeable, reassuring. Work done in timely manner – relaxed atmosphere and conversation.


Extremely satisfied.

John I.

I really appreciate you taking time to patiently answer all my questions.


Excellent service!

Daniel M.

Very helpful, courteous knowledgeable staff. Carol made completing dreaded tasks easy, thoughtful, and professional.


You all were great help in a confusing time and I really appreciate all your efforts.

Nancy H

We are happy with our dealings with you. Your knowledge and caring were greatly appreciated.

Bernadette Q

Everything was very professional. Thank you.

Mary C

We thought Carol and her staff were extremely professional and did an outstanding job.

Rick H

The one thing that was exceptional with the company was their thoughtfulness and consideration. That was very meaningful to me and my family.

Mario T

Your services were handled timely professionally, & friendly.

Scott D

I was very pleased with the services I received by Carol and her staff. Everyone was quite helpful and went over and beyond to make the process easy. I recommend her to anyone who needs legal assistance.

Lindy C

Each and every one of you are wonderful, attentive, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Ed V

You have been most helpful. I am completely satisfied

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It was an absolute pleasure

Nancy M

Everyone was very accommodating and we both felt you gave us excellent attention.

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Your services were done in a timely manner and you were honest about your fees! It was a delight working with you on my behalf.

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Great service – thank you for your assistance.

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Everyone was helpful and kind.

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Carol (and team) Thank you for helping me plan my future during this difficult time in our lives. You took time to explain everything and that is truly appreciated.

Michelle H.

Services provided were very professional.

Bill C.

You have always taken excellent care of our affairs and know you will continue t do so in the future.

R. A. N.

Carol took the time to listen to my sister and I explain our situation and answered all our questions thoroughly.

Nancy D.

Everything was perfect and we so appreciate all the kind help Carol Bertsch gave us.

Crystal S.

Ms. Bertsch was a caring individual as well as a knowledgeable attorney. She brought comfort and peace to my mother.

Denise C.

You were always available when I had a question

Velda C.

In the short time we met you provided exceptional advice and follow-up with sincere care and concern.

Lori D.

Carol is the most compassionate and knowledgeable attorney I know

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