The Law Offices of Carol Bertsch, PC
Assisting Seniors, Helping Families

Our Values

Our Values

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Assisting Seniors

The Law Offices of Carol Bertsch have a heart for the seniors in our community.  We recognize that aging can be difficult and sometimes confusing.  We believe that having a good estate plan in place will make things easier by making sure doctors and banks know who to talk to when a crisis arises. We walk alongside our clients as they navigate the myriad rules and regulations should there be a need to qualify for Medicaid. We can help them protect some of their assets, so that one spouse is not left destitute due to long term care for the other spouse.

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Helping Families

When we do this we help the entire family. It makes it easier on the children when they know their parents are getting sound advice and have a good estate plan in place.

We also help families who have a member who may need benefits due to a disability by creating a  Special Needs Trust so a gift or settlement does not disqualify them from being eligible for those benefits.

But, the most important thing we do is listen.  We hear the concerns and the fears and don’t dismiss them.  We treat each one of our clients with respect, compassion and dignity.We are there at the loss of a loved one.  We help make the impersonal court process of probate, less intimidating and detached.  We know how hard it is to lose someone you love, and we want you to have the opportunity to grieve, not get overwhelmed with  the court process. 

You all were great help in a confusing time and I really appreciate your efforts.
— Nancy H.