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Long-Term Care Planning




Eligibility for Medicaid

If you are worried about whether you will qualify for Medicaid programs, attorney Carol Bertsch can help. Carol has provided legal counsel to countless clients over the last two decades. Carol is here to help you navigate the complicated maze of Medicaid planning and eligibility for long-term care.


Assistance with Applying for Medicaid

The red tape surrounding Medicaid is constantly being re-positioned .  The government has established strict requirements regarding income, assets, and property transfers. An improper transfer of assets can lead to ineligibility and penalties.  Do not put your eligibility in jeopardy by failing to thoroughly analyze your medicaid planning with the help of an experienced elder law attorney. Carol Bertsch can help prevent delays or possible denial of your benefits.

If you are concerned about your benefits eligibility or your plans for the future, we can help. Let our legal team help you apply for benefits, and represent you in hearing procedures. We are familiar and up to date with federal and state government agency procedures. You can trust our team to streamline this challenge and obtain your desired results without delay.


Eligibility for Disability

If you are disabled or elderly, you should be allowed to live with dignity. With Carol’s help, you’ll greatly improve the odds of being approved for public benefits, such as SSI and Medicaid. Carol Bertsch can help you achieve eligibility and can help you keep you disability benefits by putting trusts in place. Reach out to our office today to set an appointment for disability or medicaid planning.