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Estate and Probate Law Administration

The aftermath of a loved one’s death is no time to attempt to navigate the highly intricate maze of probate law administration. Grieving family members need this time to mourn and should avoid additional stress. The probate process can be long, short, easy or complicated based on each situation’s unique nuances.


Probate Law Administration

If you need any sort of assistance in a probate matter, attorney Carol Bertsch can help. Our law office is here to help you with every aspect of probate law. Let us help you establish a starting point, develop a timely and affordable method of probate, prepare  documents, administer the estate, handle tax consequences, resolve liens, manage estate expenses and distribute estate property. If you are unaware of probate administration, it has a myriad of legal and technical facets that can be confusing to most people. You need an attorney in your corner to maximize your probate matter’s efficiency and reduce its cost.


Carol Bertsch zealously advocates on behalf of her clients. Allying with our legal team has the potential to save you time, money and effort. Contact us today to learn more about our probate services.